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TiE Angels-Boston is an angel investment group comprised of accredited investors from TiE-Boston charter membership as well as other seasoned investors.

TiE Angels is a ‘For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs’ early stage investment group launched to provide Northeast entrepreneurs and startups with seed capital, mentoring and support. TiE Angels is not a venture fund or an investment advisor, but rather a forum where investors are introduced to startup companies who are looking to raise seed capital. TiE Angels make their own investment decisions though often we align and syndicate investments with other leading angel investor groups and venture capital firms.

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ViralGains is a viral advertising platform that helps brands generate deep connections with customers through the power of online videos.
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Skulpt Aim measures body fat percentage & muscle quality in individual muscles. Exercise smarter & stay motivated with tailored workouts based on the goals.

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FitBark is a tiny, smart activity monitor that helps understand dog’s health and behavior in a way that was never available before.